Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement

The Organizer of the SecuriForum Security and Fire Protection Exhibition & Conference (hereinafter referred as Organizer), namely SecuriFocus Ltd. guarantees that personal and other data of users using their website (hereinafter: Users) will be treated confidentially, in compliance with the applicable laws and recommendations, taking into consideration the following aspects and obligations.

The purpose of data management: is to keep contact and send emails to the specified email addresses with business proposals and event information, organised by Organizer.

The legal basis for data management: is the voluntary consent of the User, which is based on knowing the purpose of data management.
Organizer shall treat the personal data provided during registration according to the data protection legislation in force, in particular CXII. of 2011 and the GDPR that entered into force on 25 May 2018.

Duration of data management: Organizer manages the personal data during the existence of the purpose of the data management or until the consent is withdrawn. Personal data will be deleted at the same time as the purpose of data management is terminated or at the request of the subject of the data.
DigitalOcean LLC (address: 101 Avenue of the Americas, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10013 tax number EU528002224) is involved in the IT implementation of the Event. DigitalOcean LLC acts as a data processor for personal data. The purpose of data processing is to provide the hosting service necessary for the operation of the website.

The rights of the persons concerned: Organizer, upon request informs the person concerned of the personal data he / she manages, the purpose, legal basis, duration of the data processing, the name, address (seat) of the data processor used and its activity related to data management.
This information is free of charge if the requester has not yet submitted the request for information to the Organizer for the same area in the given month. The request for information must be sent by e-mail to kiallitas@securifocus.com or by postal mail to 1118 Budapest, Nagyszeben u. 24 /A postal address. Upon request for the relevant information, Organizer shall respond in writing no later than 25 (twenty-five) days after the receipt of the request.
The User is entitled to request the correction of his/her personal data (indicating the correct data) also at the email address @ securifocus.com or to 1118 Budapest, Nagyszeben u. 24/A postal address. Organizer shall promptly correct the data in its register and notify the User in writing of its occurrence.
Personal data will be deleted if its management is unlawful, the data subject requests it, the purpose of the data management is terminated, or the legal deadline for storing the data has expired, as ordered by the court or data protection commissioner.
If you, as a User, have any question regarding the Privacy Statement and Information that is not clear on the basis of this notice, please email us at kiallitas@securifocus.com and answer your question.
On the basis Information Law and Civil Code (Act V of 2013), User can

  • contact the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22 / c .; www.naih.hu), or
  • Enforce User’s rights before the Court.
Organizers reserve the right to disclose statistical information that does not constitute a Personal Data collected from the Users in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.
Organizers shall make every effort to ensure that their database, its use is technically secure, and that unauthorized persons shall not have access to, alter or delete their personal data.

Managing personal data provided during registrations
Registration for visitors to the exhibition and conference is mandatory, but is free of charge on the website of www.securiforum.com.
The provision of data by Users is also voluntary in the case of online and on-site applications, knowing the purpose of data management.
If User is coming to the event as a visitor, the following information is required during registration:

  • Type of Registration *,
  • Surname*,
  • First name (s) *,
  • Email *,
  • Email Type *,
  • Residence ZIP code *,
  • Name of workplace / educational institution *,
  • Workplace / Education Institution Website *,
  • Position at work *,
  • Employee Relationship at Work *,
  • Workplace safety and fire protection *.

It is mandatory to provide the following information as an exhibitor during registration:
  • Registration Type *,
  • Exhibition Company *,
  • Surname *,
  • First name (s) *,
  • Email *,
  • Email Type *,
  • Work position *.
A The User is responsible for the data provided by the User, for their correctness, completeness and authenticity. Organizer shall not be liable for any damage caused by incorrect data if he/she has been able to recognize the incorrect nature of the data. If the User acts in the name of another person, the User is responsible for having the data protection statement in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Statement and the Prospectus from the person concerned, as well as the burden of proof thereof.

Information collected in connection with the use of the website - cookies
If the User does not provide his/her own data or information on the www.securiforum.com website, Organizer shall not collect or manage any personal data relating to the User in a manner that the User would personally identify.
During the visits to the website, one or more cookies, ie a small file containing a string of characters, is sent to the User's computer by means of which its browser can be uniquely identified. These cookies are provided by Google and are used through Google Adwords.
Organizer, like other internet service providers, analyzes these data to determine which areas of the Website are more popular than others. Furthermore, like other major providers, Organizer also uses this data to customize the web-based experience to meet the needs of the user.
The primary purpose of the use of such data is to enable Organizer to operate the Website properly, in particular to track visits to the Website and to detect possible misuse of the Website.
In addition to the above, Organizer may use this information to analyze usage trends or improve, develop, and obtain comprehensive traffic data about the full use of the Website.
Organizer can use this information to generate and analyze statistics about using the Website, and to provide third party data that is not suitable for such identification (e.g. to publicize it or publish it in an anonymous way.

Applied cookies:
Session Cookies: session cookies are automatically deleted after a user visits. These cookies are designed to make Organizer's website work more efficiently and safely, so it is essential that some Website features or applications can work properly.
Data Controller Web Analytics Provider is Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043) whose anonymous data collection is provided by Google Analytics. The purpose of this activity is to inform you about the operation, attendance and distribution of the site. Learn more about Google's privacy policy: www.google.com/analytics.
f you do not want that Organizer collects the information written above in connection with your use of the Website, you may disable the use of cookies in whole or in part in your Internet browser settings or otherwise modify the settings of the cookie.

Creating and using moving and still images:
We kindly remind our users that video recoding and photos are taken at the Event. Visitors of the Event Venue, by entering the Event, consent to the publicity of any photographs they may have about them, which will be used by the Organizer on the Event's website, on their social media interfaces, information and advertisements, and on other events presenting the Event.

Organizer reserve the right and undertake to unilaterally amend the content of this Statement in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.